We use cookies on this website to help it run smoothly and to give you the best possible time here.

Cookies are officially divided into four categories. Here’s what the categories are, what they mean, and whether we use each type.


As the name suggests, these are essential for the website to run. We use some essential cookies, because they’re, well, essential. An example would be to mark that someone has logged in to the site.

Non-Essential but harmless

These are (you’re seeing a trend here) not essential to running the site, but are harmless. In other words, they don’t track you as you move from one site to another, but we could run the site without them if we really had to. We prefer to keep them.

Fairly Intrusive

These cookies are used to track people as they move from one site to another, but they don’t reveal any personal information about that user.

We don’t currently use any of this type of cookie. They’re often used for services like Google Analytics, which you can read all about here. These types of services tell us things like which pages people visit on our site, how long they stay, where they came from (like a Google search, for example), and where they go afterwards. If we start using this type of cookie, we’ll update this page.

Very Intrusive

This type of cookie is used to track people and also provide personally identifiable information about them. We don’t use any such cookies, and we suggest you don’t either.


That’s our cookies policy. Remember, you can opt out of cookies altogether if you wish, but you’ll probably find your browsing experience isn’t so nice without them.

So, there we are. And we managed to get all of the way through this cookie policy without including one of those clichéd pictures of an actual cookie.

A real cookie biscuit. Sorry.